Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I just read my last post and I been off plan going on 2 months... ugh.. come on.. get to it.. I have got to meet my goal....I will

April 22, 2009

SPring is here and I welcomed it by being SICK... snezzing and coughing.....almost throught it......

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Everyday we are presented with choices, left or right? LOVE OR HATE? I choose love. When you have an agenda you are choosing to manipulate a situation, that is not love.

Sooooo if you fall off, you just get back up on and off you go. Mom came to visit for the week giving me the opportunity to "FALL"... so I ate what ever I felt like and now have gain back a 3 or 4 pounds it took me all of January to lose, I was down 10.4 lbs I believe. Well my goal to lose 25 is still well within reach. Most important is my goal to feel better on a daily basis, which I do and have. I feel better knowing I am being successful each day, and that I can so this without TORTURING myself...slow and steady now.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

JANUARY 23, 2009 Prospectors

Weddings, there are two kinds, one that deepens the bond already secured by love, and the kind that is just a white party, all carefully orchestrated with all good intentions of course. Watch the contenders, thats the key. Are they engrossed with each other, the preachers just a distance sound, drowned out by the loud buzz of wonder love. Or, have they a fixed gaze on the man reciting the contract, hoping this is not a mistake, distracted with the perfection of the flowers, lace and table settings. Yes, this is a female disorder I will admit. We want the dream, and think getting the cart in front of the horse is better than chancing no cart at all. And of course, it just sprials from there.

Now as an observer of many I feel safe in saying the best weddings are held at a beach, with a barefoot bride, a backyard, a fresh air ceremony puts a tear on my cheek.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

JANUARY 20, 2009

Never Climb a fence with a gun in your hand, Berry Davis. Good advice.

Down .6Lbs...Well we just keep on Keeping on...

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Colors pieced together give you depth, movement, life.

Today was a little tough, as far as walking the line. Sister was here and we cooked together for ourselves and for dad. Really enjoyed that.

I was Successful this Last week.. and I feel great about that...Sooo here goes another week.. All these tools that are available, it makes it a breeze to stay healthy...Meeting is Tuesday...I predict another 2lbs. As long as I keep losing 2 a week., I'm successful.

Dad looked really good today. We had a good day. I'm grateful.